Famous Bollywood filmmakers are now healthy Rakesh Roshan

rakesh roshan

Rakesh Roshan, a famous Bollywood filmmaker, says that he has become healthy now. Rakesh Roshan came to know about throat cancer. He bravely fought with cancer Rakesh Roshan has undergone throat cancer surgery, now he has returned home after being healthy. Rakesh Roshan said, “I am fine now. I am not taking any major precautions. Life has become normal again. All this has happened because of the support of the loved ones and the family.

Rakesh Roshan’s friend and actor Rishi Kapoor is currently taking medical treatment in New York. Last year from September, he is in New York. When Rakesh Roshan was asked about Rishi Kapoor, he said, “For me and Rishi Kapoor, everything is in fun. It is worth mentioning that Rishi Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan have been friends since the last 40 years. In the year 1975, both worked in the film ‘in fun, since then their friendship remains intact.

Petrol cheaper, diesel costlier for the seventh day


Diesel prices in the country have been steadily rising for the seventh day on Wednesday, while the price of petrol has been reduced for six consecutive days. According to Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest oil marketing company, today, diesel in Delhi rose by 12 paise to Rs 64.59 per liter. This is the highest level of five weeks. On December 13 last year, it was priced at Rs 64.66 per liter. The price has increased by Rs 2.35 per liter in seven days.

After six days in the national capital being Rs 1.91 a liter, there is a relief in the price of petrol. This eight paise was cheaper and on Wednesday, prices of Rs 70.33 per liter were sold. In Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai, gasoline went down eight to eight rupees to Rs 72.44, Rs 75.97 and Rs 73 per liter, respectively. In Kolkata, diesel was 12 paise to Rs 66.36 per liter. In Mumbai and Chennai, diesel prices were up 13-13 paise a liter and their prices were Rs 67.62 and Rs 68.22 per liter, respectively.

Narendra Modi-led panel will sit on 24th January for selection of new CBI Director

narendra modi and cbi

A board driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet on January 24 to choose another chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation. A council containing Modi, Supreme Court Justice AK Sikri and Congress pioneer Mallikarjun Kharge expelled previous CBI Director Alok Verma from his post on January 10, two days after the Supreme Court restored him.

M Nageswara Rao has been named between time chief. Non-administrative association Common Cause has recorded a request of in the Supreme Court against the arrangement. The Supreme Court will hear the supplication one week from now.

Kharge, the contradicting voice on the board of trustees which expelled Verma, on Tuesday asked Modi to make open the archives identified with the choice to sack him, so that “the general population can reach their own determinations”. The Central Vigilance Commission has leveled eight counts of charges as a detriment to Verma, including debasement and desolation of obligation.

JAMMU AND KASHMIR: Fake names being removed from voter list

fake voterlist

As many as 1,25,931 voters have been deleted from the electoral rolls during the summary revision of the rolls in Jammu and Kashmir before the Lok Sabha elections. According to the chief electoral officer, Shailendra Kumar, in addition to this, 9,23,654 demographically similar entries were also removed from the rolls and 1,687 logical errors have been corrected. As many as 3,07,984 new voters have been added which is highest as compared to the last four years’ additions. Besides, 94,659 corrections and modifications were made in the particulars of electors.

To maintain the correctness of the rolls, the multiple entries, duplicates, dead, and permanently shifted entries were also removed from the rolls. Shailendra Kumar interacted with all the District Election Officers (Deputy Commissioners) through Video Conferencing and discussed the election management action plans for the forthcoming Elections in the state after the last date of disposal of claims and objections.

BJP trying to demolish Karnataka government: Kharge

congress leader mallikkarjun kharge

Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge on Wednesday denounced the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of attempting to destabilize the alliance government in Karnataka, which he named as “steady and solid”. Talking at a question and answer session in New Delhi, Kharge hammered the BJP for endeavoring to concoct a tempest in the state with a goal to make its very own administration. “The BJP has constantly endeavored to destabilize stable governments in the nation. Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand, Arunachal – the BJP has attempted to introduce their own legislature by first isolating alliances and after that eating up the remainders. Yet, they can’t prevail in Karnataka,” he said.

“The Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka is steady and solid and will keep on being so,” he said. He encouraged the general population of the nation to see with their own eyes the supposed endeavors made by the BJP to oust the alliance. “I offer to the general population of the nation to perceive how they are attempting to evacuate a steady government; how they are endeavoring to compromise the administration,” he said.

He stated that each Congress MLA will be available in the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting to be hung on 18 January. “Everybody will be a there.no question,” he said in the midst of reports that some ‘revolt’ Congress MLAs are staying put at Mumbai. Hitting at the BJP, Kharge inquired as to why the MLAs from the saffron party have stayed in an opulent Gurugram lodging. “For what reason did they keep their MLAs in lodging in Gurugram? What need of assurance? You put stock in popular government, why not let them go? There is a noteworthy celebration in Karnataka but then they are squatted in that in,” he said. A noteworthy political tempest keeps on compromising Karnataka as BJP and the Congress-JD(S) exchanged allegations over endeavors at poaching of MLAs. The contention emitted after the Congress, a couple of days prior, blamed the BJP for ‘Activity Lotus’ against the administration by tricking some Congress MLAs to its side.

The MLAs who pulled back help are R Shankar, a lawmaker from Ranebennur Assembly section in Haveri locale, having a place with the local Karnataka Pragnavantha Janata Party, and H Nagesh an Independent from Mulbagal electorate in Kolar area. Forgetting about worries on the steadiness of the administration, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said that the alliance is “going on easily”. “I was loose and I am loose. Try not to stress, be cheerful,” said Kumaraswamy. Then again, the BJP positioned more than 100 MLAs inside an inn in Gurugram.

State BJP president BS Yeddyurappa purportedly met the MLAs today. He had before rejected charges that his gathering was endeavoring ‘Activity Lotus’ to topple the alliance government and counter-denounced the Congress-JD(S) of attempting to poach saffron gathering’s MLAs. In the 225-part Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the BJP has 104 individuals, Congress 80, JD(S) 37, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), KPJP and Independent one each.

MLA Baldev Singh leave the party, says the AAp has lost its ‘essential belief system’

baldev aap party mla delhi

I am tormented to forward my abdication from the essential enrollment of AAP in light of the fact that the gathering has totally surrendered its fundamental belief system and standards, Baldev wrote in his letter to Delhi Chief Minister and AAP president Arvind Kejriwal. In his letter, Baldev referred to Kejriwal’s oppressive, pompous and despotic style of working.

“Because of your tyrannical, haughty and absolutist style of working, pioneers of AAP like Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Medha Patekar, Kiran Bedi, Dr. Gandhi, H.S.Khalsa, Sucha Singh Chottepur, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Ashish Khetan, Ashutosh, H.S.Phoolka and so forth have all left the gathering or have been tossed out in a mortifying way,” he said.

Baldev is accepted to be a nearby helper of Punjab MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira, who likewise surrendered not long ago from the essential enrollment of AAP. In a letter to Kejriwal, Khaira had said that the “party has completely digressed from the belief system and standards on which it was shaped post-2012 enemy of defilement development.” Baldev said that he was profoundly stunned when the AAP boss “unceremoniously and un-equitably” expelled a legitimate Sukhpal Singh Khaira from the post of as Leader of Opposition (LoP), without taking Punjab MLA’s into certainty.

Mr. Singh said that party accommodating conciliatory sentiment to the medication corrupted previous Minister Bikram Singh Majithia further uncovered your twofold principles in legislative issues. Your trickery on the crucial issue of Punjab stream waters likewise puts you on a similar platform of crafty pioneers of India. You have outrightly backpedaled on the most vital guarantee of Swaraj, by concentrating all forces with yourself. You have likewise tossed to winds the constitution of the gathering simply to remain Convenor and proceed with your hold on the gathering.

Singh said that Kejriwal’s “fraternizing and playing with the Congress” is one more case of sheer political advantage, that has left the general population of India confused