Preparing plan for LS election obligation for authorities anounced

Subrat Sahoo has reported the preparation plan for authorities and surveying specialists for the up and coming Lok Sabha election planned not long from now. In an offer to gather information, the Election Commission of India had concluded the preparation timetable to be led at state and area levels.

Educating about the calendar, MR. Sahoo said the preparation would begin from February 11 and would be proceeded till multi-day preceding the election.

According to plan, the Nodal officers would be bestowed preparing from February 11 to 13, 2019, Sector officers from February 15 to 20, MCC and EEM groups would be given preparing on February 14 and 15, Videographers on February 19, Presiding officers and First Polling officers would be given preparing from February 11 to 25, he educated.

So also, the EVM mindfulness groups would be conferred preparing from February 9 to 28, Micro Observers on February 27 and 28 while surveying groups would be given initially round of preparing from February 11 to 25, second round from March 10 to 20 and third round on multi-day before the polling, he educated.

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