Chanda Kochhar case investigator CBI SP Sudhanshu Dhar Mishra transferred

chanda kochar case

NEW DELHI: CBI officer Sudhanshu Dhar Mishra has been transferred, who has filed an FIR against Chanda Kochhar, former CEO of ICICI Bank, is reported. In the CBI headquarter, Banking and Securities fraud cell SP Sudhanshu Dhar Mishra filed an FIR (FIR) against Chanda Kochhar, her husband Deepak Kochhar and Videocon promoter Venugopal Dhoot on January 22. According to the information, SP Sudip Rai, who was posted in the Economic Offenses Wing in the Kolkata office of the CBI, has been replaced by Mishra.

On Friday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wrote a blog from the US saying that the researcher should avoid making a sensation. In this blog, he gave an example a banking business. Knowledgeable Sudhanshu Mishra’s transfers are adding to this. Jaitley is currently in the US in connection with the treatment. In this case, Chanda Kochhar is accused of helping her husband, Venkopall Dhoot, a business friend of her husband Deepak Kochar, to get a loan of Rs 3,250 crore. In this case, the CBI had an initial investigation (PE). During this time, information was received that Dhoot handed over the share of a company named Nupawar to a trust of Deepak Kochar. However, in this case, later it was also learned that Dhoot also accepted the acceptance of 40 thousand crore loan from Consortium headed by State Bank of India. The loan amount was the first installment of this approved loan.

ICICI Bank was also involved in this consortium. Although Chanda Kochhar was given a clean chit in the internal investigation of the bank, but when the CBI started investigations under the PE, the bank sat in an inquiry committee under the leadership of Supreme Court’s retired judge BN Srikrishna. After this Chanda Kochhar was sent on long leave. Later Chanda Kochhar resigned from his post. It is noteworthy that before registering a case against Kochhar, the CBI had raided several places of his and Dhoot. But during this time the agency’s team did not find any important evidence or did not find it yet.