The breakdown at Vande-Bharat Express on the next day of launch was stopped at Tundla station

vande bharat

New Delhi: India’s first semi-high-speed train Vande Bharat Express was displayed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Saturday, the train coming from Varanasi to Delhi was in danger, after which it has been stopped at Tundla station. The Vande Bharat Express train is also on trial run and on Sunday, the train will travel from Delhi to Varanasi for the first time passengers. On Saturday morning, a complaint was received on the train when a strange sound started coming up. After complaining of some badness in the last coach train, the train has been stopped 15 kilometers from Tundla Junction, Uttar Pradesh. On Friday, PM Modi had flagged the country’s fastest speed train ‘Vande Bharat Express’. The train is on trial run and the passengers for the first time on Sunday will travel from Delhi to Varanasi. From 17th February this train will be seen running from Delhi to Varanasi route. Tickets for this have been released. Chair car ticket for this train will be Rs 1,760, while the ticket for Executive Class will cost Rs 3,310. At this price, catering costs will be attached. Vande Bharat Express can run at 180 km/ph, but due to sanctions, it will run at 130 kilometers per hour. From 6 am to 6 am, the train will reach Varanasi at 2 pm. It will be able to complete the journey from Delhi to Varanasi in just 8 hours. For the first journey, it will take 9 hours and 45 minutes. Meanwhile, train Prayagraj and Kanpur will stop at just two stations.