Kerala Government providing security to both women entering Sabarimala temple: SC

New Delhi. The Supreme Court has instructed the Kerala government to provide complete protection to the two women entering the Sabarimala temple on January 2nd. These two women have demanded their protection. During the trial, the Kerala government told the Supreme Court that after the court’s decision, 51 women from 10 to 50 years of Sabarimala temple have entered till now. The petition is filed by Kanaka Durga and Dwam Ammani. It has been said in the petition that after the entry of his temple, a period of violence had started. Because of this, both women were living in hiding. His mother-in-law was beaten by Kanaka Durga on 14th January.

On 28 September 2018, the Supreme Court had ruled with a majority of 4-1. The court had said that women have been discriminated against for a long time. Female is not less than male. On the one hand, we consider women as Goddess form, on the other side, we discriminate against them. The court had said that due to biological and physiological reasons, the freedom of women’s religious beliefs cannot be eliminated. Four judges, including the Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, had said that it is against the rights meted under section 25 of the Constitution.

Justice Indu Malhotra ruled differently from the decision of the other four judges. He had said that the court should not interfere in the matter of religious faith. He had said that the interference of the court is not okay in Puja. The temple should decide only what will be the way of worship. The authority of the temple should be respected. He had said that religious practices cannot be fully tested on the basis of equality rights. It depends on the worshipers, not the court, decide what will be the process of the religion of somebody. Justice Malhotra had said that this decision will affect the other temples.

A review petition has been filed against this decision of the Supreme Court. The hearing was scheduled on 22 January. But Bench member Justice Justice Indu Malhotra is on medical leave, due to which the hearings on the review petition can be stopped.

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