Petrol cheaper, diesel costlier for the seventh day

Diesel prices in the country have been steadily rising for the seventh day on Wednesday, while the price of petrol has been reduced for six consecutive days. According to Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest oil marketing company, today, diesel in Delhi rose by 12 paise to Rs 64.59 per liter. This is the highest level of five weeks. On December 13 last year, it was priced at Rs 64.66 per liter. The price has increased by Rs 2.35 per liter in seven days.

After six days in the national capital being Rs 1.91 a liter, there is a relief in the price of petrol. This eight paise was cheaper and on Wednesday, prices of Rs 70.33 per liter were sold. In Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai, gasoline went down eight to eight rupees to Rs 72.44, Rs 75.97 and Rs 73 per liter, respectively. In Kolkata, diesel was 12 paise to Rs 66.36 per liter. In Mumbai and Chennai, diesel prices were up 13-13 paise a liter and their prices were Rs 67.62 and Rs 68.22 per liter, respectively.

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